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Summer camp in Spain – Activities and excursions

Our summer junior programme is full of excursions and entertainment, designed to give students the perfect mix of sports, social, and cultural activities.

We provide a wide choice of exciting activities and enable students to make friends and practise their Spanish with other young people from all over the world.

Excursions give students a great opportunity to see some of Andalusia’s most inspiring attractions including wonderful and historic cities, amazing countryside and stunning coastlines.

Every day we organise at least one sport activity which can last between one or two hours.  The majority are played on the beach or using sports facilities. There is a mixture of beach volleyball, football, tennis, padel (Spanish-style racquet sport), basketball, swimming, and many more beside.

The students will also enjoy evening activities, which may be karaoke, movie night, board games, fancy dress party, disco, and much more. They will be supervised at all times and escorted home by a member of Language Opportunity either on foot or by bus.

Language Opportunity is totally committed to providing the best experience abroad for our students.


All our schools are accredited by the regulator bodies of their respective countries, ensuring the highest quality in education.

Acreditaciones  - British Council, English UK, Feltom, Acels