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Student Exchange

Would you like to travel around the world, learn a new language, and meet new friends from different countries and cultures?

Language Opportunity offers Exchange Programmes between schools, groups, and individual students. Travelling abroad is the most fun and enjoyable way to learn a language. Students explore another country through intercultural exchange and benefit from a multitude of unique life experiences.

This programme encourages the exchange of ideas, values, and experiences among young people from different cultures. Our Exchange Programmes, available all year around, can be flexibly adapted to the specific requests and preferences of each group or student.

The Exchange is aimed at secondary school age students as well as university students or anyone interested in learning the Spanish language and about Spanish culture. The length of the exchange varies from one week to several months depending on the participants preferences.


The School Exchange Programme is the best way for students to benefit from an international partnership, increasing their awareness of other cultures and breaking down the barriers of language.

The participants will have the opportunity to attend schools in other countries as well as host their exchange peer at home, which means, besides the improvement in another language, the development of habits of tolerance and mutual understanding.

School Exchange


The Student Exchange Programme is designed to provide individual students with possibility of studying and practising Spanish in Spain as well as hosting an exchange peer at home. The programme is especially popular during the summer.

This is the most affordable and enriching experience when it comes to learning Spanish, discovering the traditional Spanish lifestyle, and achieving enough confidence to accomplish the majority of everyday situations.

Individual Exchange

All our schools are accredited by the regulator bodies of their respective countries, ensuring the highest quality in education.

Acreditaciones  - British Council, English UK, Feltom, Acels