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Spanish courses – Accommodation

Language Opportunity arranges different types of accommodation depending of your preferences, in halls of residence, shared flats or native families. These options are available for individual or group bookings, including private apartments for families and friends.

Host families

All of our host families have been carefully selected by a member of our staff. The students will stay with host families located close to the school and can expect to travel around 20 minutes by bus or train to the city centre.

Host families provide accommodation in single or share room, both options available. They also provide half board, which includes breakfast and an evening meal. You will feel like another member of the family and will have the possibility of practising the language with them.

Hall of residence

Language Opportunity offers a varied selection of halls of residence throughout the city to suit all your needs. The accommodations consist of self-catering apartments, single and shared rooms, well connected with the school and city centre. They are very popular for students studying Spanish and are available all year round.

The residence is a great place to meet new people of a similar age. You will have the possibility of staying with other students from Spain and all over the world. This is a more independent living experience than the family option. The cooking and cleaning is responsibility of the student.

The halls offer fully equipped rooms with common areas for the use of the students. There are great transport links and a large number of bars, supermarker, theatres and restaurants nearby.

Flat shared

Our agents in Seville will visit personally all flats selected, so you can have the guarantee of high quality accommodation. Language Opportunity will provide all the details of various options before you arrive.

We offer a personalized service, focusing on your accommodation preferences, with the possibility of staying in single or shared rooms and in different location around the city. 

All our schools are accredited by the regulator bodies of their respective countries, ensuring the highest quality in education.

Acreditaciones  - British Council, English UK, Feltom, Acels