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School trips - Tours in Andalusia - Andalusia | Language Opportunity School trips – Tours in Andalusia – Andalusia : Language Opportunity
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School trips – Tours in Andalusia – Andalusia

Andalusia is the ideal destination for a school trip or educational tour, a land of joy, sun, beaches, culture and history.  It is the original home of passionate flamenco, tasteful tapas, beautiful Moorish architecture, dramatic bullfighting, and the unbelievable sound of the Spanish guitar.

It is one of the best regions in Spain for students to experience the country’s rich cultural traditions while improving their Spanish language skills.

A school trip to Andalusia has it all, whether you choose the coastal resorts with spectacular sandy beaches or the charming and historic inland towns which will captivate your group.

Seville, capital of Andalusia, is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in Spain. Located in the Guadalquivir River Valley, it is famous for its unique history and culture, a perfect combination of modernity and tradition.

Seville is the fourth biggest city of Spain, with a population of around 700.000 inhabitants. A modern town that has perfectly maintained its important cultural heritage and impressive monuments, such as its astonishing Cathedral and La Giralda, a legacy of its ancestors and one of the most important UNESCO world heritage sites in Spain.

In Seville, you can take part in a walking tour of city and discover the charms of Seville during the day and night. Some of the most important monuments are the Real Alcazar, Plaza de España, Santa Cruz Quarter, Torre del Oro, Real Maestranza, etc.

Today, Seville is also famous for hosting its passionate Semana Santa (Holy Week), and the extraordinary Feria de Abril.

Granada is located between the shores of the Mediterranean and the Andalusian hinterland. It enjoys one of Spain’s most important cultural and architectural patrimonies with thousands of years of history.

It is also a “university city” with a free tapas culture, innovative bars and flamenco shows. Situated next to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and about 60km (40 miles) from the coast, it is possible to go skiing and sunbathe on the beach in the same day.

The Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is indisputably the most well known monument of the city and one of the most visited in Europe. It is considered by many people to be one of the wonders of the world.

The Albaicín, the old Arabic quarter located on the hill opposite the Alhambra, is also designated as World Heritage by the UNESCO. It is the most renowned neighbourhood of Granada, together with the Sacromonte, very famous by its caves, in which the gypsies continue every night with their flamenco songs and dance celebrations.

Besides the Alhambra and the historical Moorish Albaicín quarter, Granada boasts a Renaissance cathedral dating from the 16th century and many other architectural monuments of the high importance, such as the Royal Chapel, the Monastery of la Cartuja, as well as the different museums and gardens.

Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to the miles of sandy beaches that make up its coastline.

The Kings’ Palace, La Alcazaba, which was built starting in the 11th century, is Malaga’s most important building of the Moorish epoch. It is an excellent spot to appreciate the fantastic views over Malaga’s port and Old Town. You also have to visit its beautiful gardens, and the remains of a Roman theatre as well as its splendid Renaissance Cathedral.

Malaga also has the honour of being the birthplace of one of Europe’s most famous artists, Pablo Picasso. His home is located in the historic centre, and is now a Picasso museum.

It is a very cheerful town, famous for its “fiestas” and colourful nightlife. It is for certain that you won’t get bored.

Cordoba is a fusion of culture and history. Due to its strategic importance as the highest navigable point of the Guadalquivir River, it became a port city of great significance for the Romans, becoming one of the most important and populous towns in the world.

Around the 11th century, people of different cultures and religions, Jews, Muslims, and Christians, were living peacefully together. Today, we can see this mixture of cultures in its rich architectural and artistic heritage, including particularly the Great Mosque, “La Mezquita”, and the archaeological site at Medina-Azahara.

Standing in the historic centre, the Great Mosque is one of the most beautiful examples of Muslim art in Spain. A combination of architectural styles superimposed on one another over the nine centuries its construction lasted.

You should also visit the Jewish quarter, “La Juderia”, and walk through its narrow streets, with storey buildings and patios, where you will feel the typical Andalusian flavour. There you will find its traditional and unique Synagogue.

In Cordoba you can also see the Alcazar, the Palace of the Christian Kings, originally built as the residence of the caliphs of Cordoba, and subsequently became the palace of the Christian monarchs.

And do not forget to enjoy its exquisite gastronomy, using Cordoba’s typical olive oil for many delicious dishes, such as Gazpacho or Salmorejo.

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